October 19, 2011

NTT trip !!!

In September last month, me and my mom went to kupang to attend the wedding of my cousin.
We wentused airplane with the first flight is at 6am.
It's the first time i went to NTT, which is the hometown of my parents.... I'M SO EXCITED! :D
When we entered the region of NTT, the small island scenery there is amazing. So, i don't forget to take pictures ^^
~the island~ 
(so wonderful view of the island surrounded by sea is so clear)

because my parents are from there, i have a lot of family who live there and should i go haha.. i knew it would be fun :)   

 {between Trisno Tokan and Maria Karangora} 

my cousin's wedding is very lively and full of love.. 
event with neat errangement, beutiful decoration, creative documentation team, and the gorgeous bride made this wedding party almost perfect :) congratulation Mr. and Mrs. Tokan ! ;)

 ~unforgetable moment~ 

at Kupang i went to Pasir Panjang beach with my aunt (Mami Elsa)
i took some nice picture on sunrise LOL... 

after a few days in Kupang, we went to Lembata (my father's village). We live in my grandmother house.
There we travel a lot, like to Lerek ( mother's village) and other villages..

~at Lerek~

~dapur alam~
(there are natural gas to cooking tubers)

Our vacation time is still long, so we took time to attend the conceration ceremony Priest at Maumere. from Lembata we should used ship to Larantuka then use the car to Maumere.. it's all took time about 3-4hours.
~the ceremony~

 we also dropped into a place of pilgrimage and beach.. 

altough it's an exhausting journey, even to made me sick.. i still enjoyed it and i also got a lot of my experiences from this trip :) :) 
im already miss to go there again.. and miss my grandmother badly :") 

this story never THE END ! haha.. 
too many place i had no time to go, i hope i was quikly back again..  

October 15, 2011


i loved photograph.. and i wish i can be professional photographer :)
i am still an amateur, but i continue to learn..
this photo i took from the island of Lembata ^^

October 14, 2011

loved it..

I did some experiments photos .. Here I became a photographer as well as a model ..hahaha
it's good and quite fun..^^ 

~my stuff~

~my glasses colection~ 

~my fav bag :) ~ 


I'm women :)

the best word to describe about women is beauty :) 
no matter how they look, think, talk, smile or cry.. every women always beautiful ! 
women should be proud to be a women.. 
because women have the freedom to do anything that men can't be done hahaha..
like, women can cry when she needs to cry.. 
dress up and makeup as they like..
get a quote right and prioritized as "ladies first"
of course the main thing is to be beautiful and uniq
just the way "we" were :) 

so i wanted to share the words that reflect the woman who i quote from the song "who says" by selena gomez hehe.. check it out ! :D 
I wouldn't want to be anybody else
   I'm just beautiful me
Who says you're not perfect..?!
   you're not worth it
you're not star potential
   you're not presidential
you can't be the best !!!